HCG Frequently Asked Questions

The HCG diet has become the most popular diet plans, and is preferred by almost every individual who suffers from obesity, and wants the best solution for their problem. This diet helps you lose weight fast without resulting in any major side effects. It is quite natural for people to have certain queries before they start off with a new diet plan. Some very common questions regarding the HCG diet have been answered below, which will surely clear your doubts, if any.

What is HCG? - It is a hormone which is present in the human body. Since the HCG hormone is produced more during the pregnancy period, it is also referred to as the pregnancy hormone. This hormone uses the body's stored fat to produce more energy which is needed by the mother and the baby.

What exactly is the HCG diet? - This diet plan helps reduce weight by combining HCG drops with a proper diet plan. If this diet plan is followed correctly one can lose about 1 - 2 pounds of weight each day. However, the amount will not be the same for every person.

Can vegetarians follow the HCG diet? - Yes, vegetarians too can benefit from this diet plan. Instead of lean meat, the vegetarians can include fat-free cottage cheeses, protein shakes, tofu and Boca burgers in their diet

Why is it important to eat a lot for the initial 2-3 days? - This part of the diet plays an important role since your body needs time to get adjusted to the increased hormone supply. In the diet's first phase you need to include more fat in your diet than you normally do, so that your body is ready before the beginning of the low calorie phase. You should try avoiding sugars, and rather eat healthy fats like nuts, beef, avocado and cheese.

Why are the HCG drops needed, is the 500 calorie diet not good enough? - If you simply opt for a low calorie diet and do not take the HCG drops, the structural fats, normal fats and muscles in your body will first get burned before the abnormal fat is targeted. If you lose your muscle and structural fat it can be bad for your body. If, however, you opt for the HCG drops, the unwanted and abnormal fat gets targeted first.

Will I feel hungry while following this diet? - Whether you feel hungry or no basically depend on your body's requirements and the kind of food you eat. However, while on the HCG diet people have a balanced system and do not suffer from hunger pangs. People do feel a little hungry, but just for the initial few days of starting with this plan.

Is exercise required while on HCG diet? - You do not need to workout while following the HCG diet plan. Your body easily will burn fat and calories without any exercise. If you want, you can do some light HCG exercises. Engaging yourself in intense workouts will require you to include more calories in your diet.

What food can you have while following the HCG diet? - You can eat vegetables, fruit and protein, but you need to have them in low quantities. Chicken breast, lean beef and lean meat are allowed as a part of the diet. Some vegetables that you can have are cabbage, asparagus, cucumber, celery and so on. Amongst fruits you can have strawberries, apples, grapes, oranges and more. Make sure you go through the HCG approved food before starting with your HCG diet.

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