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You may have noticed that there are many brands of homeopathic HCG oral drops available online and in stores. All of them claim to be the most effective, fastest working, best price, safest, best customer support, etc. Well which one is the best? You can't really take their word for it. That is why we created, we provide information about the best selling HCg brands and have rated our top picks based on some important factors that can help you decide which one is best for you.

Let's be honest, starting a new diet program is challenging, just the desicion alone to lose weight is a lot of work. Well we congratulate you on taking the first step. Now that you have committed to yourself that you want to lose weight the frustration of deciding what brand to choose can sometimes be discouraging. We based our ratings off of 8 determining factors which are:

  • Overall Value
  • Safety
  • Company Reputation
  • Ingredients Quality
  • Customer Support
  • Guarantee
  • Side Effects
  • Best Online Price

We spent a lot of time researching out which brands are the best and we have also talked to many customers who have used the different products and found out for themselves which brands of HCG they liked the best. We hope that we can help you choose which brand will work the best for you so that you can start losing weight as soon as possible!

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Find The Best HCG Diet Drops


  • HCG is a hormone found in pregnant women and was discovered to help people lose weight fast and effectively. This discovery was made by Dr. Simeons over 50 years ago. The result of that hormone put to good use is the HCG 1234, which are special drops that guarantee to make you lose weight in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • If you are looking to get these drops that will allow you to look the way you’ve always wanted, then this is the perfect place for that. You can get a two ounce bottle of Premium HCG 1234 drops, including charts that will help you lose one pound per day, special recipes, unlimited support and of course, proper instructions.
  • HCG 1234 offers a great product with real results. They have a great formula that has helped many people lose weight fast and effectively. The program comes with a lot and their customer service is very friendly and helpful.


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  • HCG can cause an individual to lose 1 to 2 lbs but its effectiveness is decided by the quantity used. Following the original program advocated by Dr Simeons, YourHCG offers the results that customers expect. YourHCG follows a strict and high standard production process to ensure the same quality in each and every bottle.
  • YourHCG can work without an exercise plan. The fact that you can lose weight without exercises makes the program even more appealing. However, a diet is mandatory for the program to work as intended.
  • The price for YourHCG drops is lower than other similar products. However this should not fool you into thinking that compromises have been made and the quality of the product is substandard. The hormone is safe, the product is genuine and over 200,000 customers can’t be wrong.
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What You Need To Know About HCG

As mentioned above, finding an effective and trusted brand of HCG might seem difficult with all of the many options online. With so many different programs and products it's hard to know which is the best. There are many factors that play an important part in determining which brand might work best for you but there are some basics about the HCG protocol that are fairly standard despite the many different brands.

Basic Overview Of HCG

HCG is an actual human hormone that is produced in larger quantities in pregnant women. The HCG hormone, known as the human chorionic gonadatropin, communicates with an area of the brain called the hypothalamus telling it to make sure the fetus receives the proper nutrients despite whether the mother eats enough or not. So for example if the mother did not consume enough for the fetus to grow then the HCG would signals the hypothalamus to send a message to the body to start burning fat to provide the fetus with nutrition.

Discovery Of HCG As A Diet Aid

In the 1950's a man by the name of Dr. Simeons was testing HCG on adolescent boys who were having issues with low levels of testosterone. During this time he noticed that while the boys were taking HCG they were losing excess levels of fat, especially around their mid sections. He became very interested in this phenomenon and began studying HCG for many years. After years of clinical study he developed a complete diet plan that revolved around taking HCG. This diet plan effectively helped people lose around 1 - 2 pounds per day with no side effects.

Taking HCG

According to Dr. Simeons HCG was to be taken through injection form. This was the main method of delivery for about 50 years. People who wished to go on the HCG diet would go to a clinic and have the HCG administered to them and they would follow a very strict diet which consisted of 500 calories per day. The diet program was effective but there were some issues with it. The injections can often times leave redness, swelling, or irritation at the injection site. They also are very expensive and not very convenient. Sometime in the 2000's HCG was developed into oral drops which can be taken simply by swallowing a few drops of the formula. These HCG oral drops eliminated the annoying issues associated with taking the injections and they still had the same weight loss results.

HCG Weight Loss Drops

With the advancement of HCG drops, going on the HCG diet plan has never been easier. You can take the drops with you, they are cheaper, and no side effects. HCG drops are usually made up of a homeopathic formula which contains HCG and a few important amino acids that assist in burning fat. Many HCG companies have completely stopped adding any form of actual HCG into their formulas but still use the term "HCG" because they still follow the same diet plan. Some people still have the same results but many claim that for the diet to work properly you still need the actual HCG. Instead of using HCG they use a combination of herbal and natural compounds in their formula that assist in weight loss. There is some controversy about whether it is safe to go on a low calorie diet without any actual HCG, this is because the HCG tells the body to burn excess fat while on the diet instead of going into starvation mode and burning muscle and important fats.

How The HCG Protocol Works

The basic diet is broken down into 3 phases. Each of these phases is very important to follow to ensure safe and rapid weight loss. This diet plan is the same one that was created by Dr. Simeons and has been used to help people effectively lose weight for over 50 years. One thing about this program that many people like is that there is no exercise included. If one does choose to exercise while on the diet they will need to pay close attention to how many calories they are burning and then will need to consume more calories in the day to make up for what was burned off. Here is a breakdown of the 3 phases:

Phase 1 - Loading

This phase is very short and only lasts 2 - 3 days. The basic goal of this phase is to prepare the body for the low calorie phase. During this phase it is recommended to consume more calories than normal and to consume high quantities of fat such as beef, cheese, nuts, avocado, and other foods that have healthy fats.

Phase 2 - Low Calorie Diet

This phase will be the bulk of the diet. It lasts anywhere from 21 - 41 days, depending on how much weight is needed to lose. This is the phase where you will only consume 500 calories per day which mainly consists of vegetables, fruits and meats. The complete instructions will outline which foods are approved during this phase. Most dieters lose anywhere from a half a pound up to two pounds per day while on this phase. During this phase is when the HCG drops will be consumed.

Phase 3 - Maintenance

The object of this phase is to ease the dieter back into normal eating habits. This phase lasts 3 weeks. During this time it is recommended to avoid sugary and starchy foods. Also the dieter will no longer take HCG during this phase. After this phase is over it is important to live a healthy an active lifestyle and to try to easy healthy. There are no regulations after this phase and the diet is basically over. If the dieter wishes to do another round of the diet, they will want to wait an additional 3 weeks after phase 3 to start over again. 

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